About Me

Erol Doğaner;

He received photographic support from professors with academic careers and highly successful masters.

In 2008, he founded the Gaziantep Silk Road Photography Art Association (Gifsad).

He is themember of;

Fiap       (Federation International Art Photography)Gpu  (Global Photograpic Union)

Gifsad    (Gaziantep Silk Road Photography Art Association)

Anafod  (İstanbul Anatolia Side Art Photography Association)

Foton    (Photography Organizations Association)

He obtained the Photography Artist certificate of the Ministry of Culture with his photography works.

In 2020 he is chosen as "Photographer of the Year" in wildlife and nature photography in Turkey.

He was awarded by "Art Award" by Gagiad (Gaziantep Young Businessmen Association) for his contribution to the art of photography.

He received EFIAP distinction from Federation International Art Photography (FIAP), CROWN2 (CR2) from Global Photographic Union (GPU) due to his awards and successes in photography contests which has international patronages.

“Honorary Membership” titles were given by Sille Sanat Sarayı (Hon. SSS) and Altınoran Thought and Art Platform (Hon. Altınoran).

He was a jury member of many national and international photography and painting competitions.

In addition to his seven personal exhibitions, he took part in many group exhibitions and slide shows.

Many of his photographs have been published on boks and magazines as like Ortak Akıl, Photoline, Bohem, Fotoğraf, Genç Çizgi, Photo World, Steward, Boss, Setur Extra, Suntimes, İstistanbul, Altınrota and Kafa.

His photo book "Wild Dream" was published.